Thursday 12 Dec 2019

The recent sale of the iconic "Canecutter Tavern" on the Innisfail waterfront is great news for the township and indeed the wider Cassowary Coast region.

After 7 years of hard work, Ronnie Neary from Innisfail First National Real Estate was successful in getting the sale over the line.

This property holds a great deal of history, with excellent patronage from many members of the local community over many years.

The new owners have been extremely pro-active in revitalising the building, with renovations beginning the day after settlement.

Local tradespeople are being employed to carry out works on the project, with developers very keen to ensure the benefit of our local economy.

Ideas submitted by locals for the development are also being taken into consideration by the new owner, Frank Billingsley, whose ultimate goal is to support the community that supports them.

"The one thing that Innisfail particularly needs is an entertainment precint." Mr BIllingsley said.

The purchase fits in perfectly with the current Cassowary Coast Regional Councils vision of activating the waterfront space.

Mr Billingsley's comments confirm that the CCRC has a long-term plan for the region, with the intention of creating sustainable industry for current and future generations. By delivering positive investment incentive, the Mayor and CCRC are creating very attractive opportunities for investors.

"Another big reason we're here is knowing that the Cassowary Coast Regional Council is incredibly eager to work with people - they're progressive. We come across councils all over the place that are so ridiculously hard to work with." Mr Billingsley said.

In addition to his own recent investments in Innisfail, there may be more to come. "I've spoken to other people who are investors in Melbourne and they're keen to come and have a look around this whole region." said Mr Billingsley.